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If you have any questions or would like to become more involved, please contact the SC Steering Committee member in your area.  We hope to hear from you.

Ontario (Toronto) and media requests
Barry Weisleder

John Orrett  

Ontario (Hamilton) 
Tom Baker 

Robbie Mahood

Nova Scotia   
George Baron
Rosemary Hnatiuk   

John Parry  

British Columbia    
Ren Amundsen   

Federal Steering Committee
2013 - 2014

The Socialist Caucus Steering Committee is elected each year at the SC's annual convention in Toronto

Male - Barry Weisleder
Female - to be filled

Aha Blume

Elizabeth Byce

Membership Director

Julius Arscott

Communications Director
Sean Cain

Policy Director
John Orrett

Women's Director
To be filled

Youth Director
Ben Rostoker

Members at Large
Tim Penton - Vancouver
Will Hartman - Vancouver
Rennie Amundsen - Vancouver
John Parry - Saskatchewan
Roy Jones - Brantford
Aidan Willem Johan Drake - Montreal
Eric Kupka - Thornhill
Robbie Mahood
Marcel Hatch
Judy Koch
Tom Baker
Marie Henretta
Jeff Dickhout
R. Chase
George Baron
Genesio P.
Rosemary Hnatiuk
Craig Sauve
Joe Hill
Ben Rostoker
Chris Draxl
Hans Modlich
Charles Kernerman
Yasin Kaya

Ontario Steering Committee
2012 - 2013

Tom Baker - Hamilton
Elizabeth Byce - Toronto
Sean Cain - Paris correspondent
Peter Cassidy - Hamilton
Judy Koch - Toronto
Ross Ashley - Toronto
John Orrett - Thornhill
John Wilson - Toronto
Julius Arscott - Toronto
Barry Weisleder - Toronto
Mel Zimmerman - Toronto
Carol Bailey - Toronto
Aha Blume - Hamilton
Wajih Sabihuddin - Mississauga
Hans Modlich - Toronto
Doug Phillip - Toronto
Tristan Ridley - Toronto
Eric Kupka - Thornhill
Ben Rostoker - Maple
Charles Kernerman - Toronto
Brian Robinson - Toronto
Yasin Kaya - Toronto
Roy Jones - Brantford

Become a Supporter of the NDP Socialist Caucus

The SC maintains an email list to notify supporters of upcoming events and news about important issues for working people.  Recipients may receive a couple of emails each month, so it won't weigh down your inbox.

To become a supporter, please email info@ndpsocialists.ca and include your name, telephone number, postal address and the Provincial and Federal ridings in which you live.  That way, we can communicate with you more effectively.

"Fascism is capitalism plus murder."  - Upton Sinclair

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